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Spying on your competitors to gain SEO insight? Dec 27

(and more)

spyglassStompernet’s web spy tool has been promoted left and right on the web since earlier this summer. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, it allows you to access a report not only on your own website, but the websites of your competitors.

I checked into it recently. There doesn’t seem to be too much that’s unique about the reports they generate for your site, in comparing to other tools, but it may prove useful tool for those who need help walking through how search engines see your site and how your competition fares, SEO-wise.

I found a video on YouTube which was put up by a man who used the Stompernet Site Seer tool and reported his experience.

I have use similar tools in the past, successfully.  They are:


Silktide Sitescore

Silktide’s sitescore product is based out of the UK, so where they report a warning if your site is not accessibility/standards-compliant and they fault you for being unlawful, here in the U.S. it is not yet illegal to not code your website to be accessible/standards-compliant. But in the UK, it is :)

I use WebCEO to generate reports on not only keyword analysis (just like Google’s sandbox does), but also it tells me:

a) How my pages in my site checks out against SEO rules (use of appropriate title tags, heading tags, whether there are “stop” words in any of them, etc.)

b) It generates a weighted list of the most common/weighted words I’m using in each page’s content and checks them against the key words/phrases I’m trying to target (keyword density monitoring and suggestions)

c) it submits my site to 100’s of search engines worldwide as well as checks for relevent press release and article sites that the site content can be submitted to.

d) it can automatically perform reports and email them to my clients after each task is done.

e) It generates link popularity rankings and suggests where I fit in as well as how I can improve it

f) It searches for and matches my site up with potential linking partner sites, plus it gives me comprehensive META information about each site I may want to contact (gives Google PR, traffic rank, presence in directories etc., all in one report)

These report results help me to quickly identify what I need to do to fix any flaws in my website’s content. When it comes to keyword/key phrase density, I do not encourage anyone to write their content by using density scales. The density report simply points out whether the heavier-weighted key words/phrases are the *correct* ones that you want to target in your site, so the the subject matter is not misunderstood by the search engines.

I use Silktide Sitescore to do a general check to:

a) View and search through all Metadata on your site, include meta tags

b) See how sites rank, for Readability. This test checks to see how easily your website’s content is to understand by the average reader.

c) Check effective pageload time on each page

d) Check for WC3 compliance to ensure your website is going to perform and play equally nicely in all major browsers, Firefox, IE6/7/8 and Safari).

…and those feature lists for both apps are just the tip of the iceberg. Actually Sitescore is totally 3rd party hosted, so it’s all online.

The services both provide all-in-one reporting which is easy to understand, plus they are free and fairly simple and helpful, walking me through each process/task if I need guiding or being intuitive and knowing what I expect it to do, when I don’t need help.

Plus Silktide’s Sitescore is a great way for me to run a fairly quick discovery for quoting a new prospect’s website redesign. Often folks come to me and they say they know their site needs improving, but they’re not sure what is wrong with their site, or they aren’t getting the traffic or sales they want. They know they need a rehaul but come to me as an expert.

If you spend about an hour or so doing some stuff with these tools to get a basic rundown of what needs to be done to your site, based on the reports you get, then fix the problem spots, your site will be more search engine-friendly in no time.

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  2. Thanks for the post, i am thinking of using webceo. I will try it first before i can decide to but the pro version.

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